Guided by principles of enduring design, craftsmanship and creative expression, our collections celebrate timeless style lived, not worn.

We believe in

Timeless Style

In everything we do, our creative passion and commitment to design integrity shine through: in the beauty of a timeless silhouette, the sensorial joy of a luxurious cloth, the comfort of a well-crafted fit.


Dedication and skill are woven through every creation. From the first sketch to the final stitch, our garments carry a unique story—of creativity, craft and provenance—brought to life with beautiful styling.


We have a deep appreciation for the artistic spirit, collaborating with Australian creatives from diverse fields including architecture, fashion, food, and design. As our journey evolves, we remain devoted to sharing authentic stories and fostering genuine connections in our community.

Life's Adventure

An unending quest for new experiences expands our horizons, continually shaping our perception of the world. Each adventure leaves an indelible mark on Trenery's design ethos, infusing our collections with a mix of global inspirations and a uniquely Australian perspective.

The Next Chapter:
Our Brand Journey

Our branding is a creation by Master Typographer Andrew Woodhead. Drawing on global inspiration, infused with an Australian spirit, the Trenery brandmark and wordmark symbolise our commitment to elevation in design and storytelling.

Watch the story to hear from Andrew on his creative process and the inspiration behind the design.

Andrew Woodhead
Master Typographer

Now based in the Macedon Ranges, Andrew honed his craft on the streets of Paris and Madrid. His work is a fusion of European influences, enriched by a distinct Australian character.

Our Home

Visitors to our stores are greeted with a calming palette, tactile elements, and ambient lighting that accents the beauty of our collection. Our connection to Australian soil is symbolised by clay-rendered walls, while bronze fixtures create a seamless flow.

Sustainability remains at the core of our journey, with our commitment to achieving a 5-Star Green Star Rating through responsibly sourced timber, recycled porcelain floor tiles, and post-consumer recycled curtains.

Complemented by commissioned works from a collection of renowned Australian artists, including Camie Lyons and Jan Vogelpoel, we seek to create an engaging space that celebrates innovation and artistry.

We look forward to welcoming you in our stores and, for the very first time, in Myer, to experience Trenery for yourself.